Saturday, June 30, 2012

Treasure hunting.

I don't often go to garage sales - I like sleeping in and lord knows I already have plenty of my own crap. But about once or twice a summer, I get that itch...and the only thing that'll scratch it is to drive around gawking at other people's bountiful harvests of junk.

Today was one of those days.  My friend Elizabeth, who has a good reason to hit the sales most weekends (she's got a toddler and she's stocking up on clothes on the cheap), graciously allowed me to accompany them on their weekly rounds.  I didn't have anything in mind; I usually don't when I go to these things.  Mostly I just want to see what weird crap my fellow citizens are casting off.

And today did not disappoint.

June 30.

Baby doll dressed as a wild boar:  $1.00
Scoliosis Barbie:  $0.25
Jollies I got from purchasing these: priceless.

I mean, seriously.  Look at this nonsense.

Baby boar.

And the Barbie doll just gets weirder the longer you look at it.  It's not like it was accidentally bent into that position by some kids: it was molded that way. 

I mean, seriously.  Something ain't right.
(Yes, I gave her a modesty bar.)

The ladies who had Scoliosis Barbie in their garage laughed at her, too.  "Yeah, I found that in my kid's toy box and I have no idea what the story is or what her profession was supposed to be. But it's weird that they seem to have spent more time painting underpants on her than they did making sure she could stand up."

I'm not sure what I'll do with the boar baby just yet -- an impromptu baby shower present, perhaps?  But Scoliosis Barbie will eventually become part of a Halloween project for which her bizarre posture may be uniquely suited...mwahaha.


Amanda said...

Those are absolutely horrific. Great finds!

Becky Elder said...

Do you still have this doll, and if so would you be willing to sell? I have scoliosis in the exact curve and posture as her and it would be really cool to have a doll that actually looks like me.

Mary said...

Alas, I think she's long gone, but if she ever turns up, I'll let you know... :-)