Monday, June 25, 2012

Police blotter.

Sunday, 10:58 P.M.: 
Caller would like an officer to remove her boyfriend, who has been camped out at her apartment for two weeks.

Tuesday, 1:49 P.M.:  Report of baby ducks in a wheelbarrow out in the sun.

Wednesday, 4:36 A.M.:  911 caller reporting that there is something in her apartment.  She can see it wiggling in the living room.

Wednesday, 7:12 A.M.:  Caller would like law enforcement to respond because her son will not go to school.  Update: dispatch advised caller to use non-emergency line.

Friday, 9:28 A.M.:  Caller reports a black lab with a red collar comes over to the cafe and gets into the garbage and eats food stored there.  Then it urinates on the garden and walks into the restaurant. 

Saturday, 9:52 A.M.:  Caller reports that someone put three orange cones, two flags and one sign on his child's truck as a prank last night.

Saturday, 5:04 P.M.:  Caller advised that kids were playing in the ravine with no shoes.  Update: one child didn't have shoes on and was told to put his shoes on.

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