Monday, June 04, 2012

Police blotter.

Friday, 11:45 A.M.:  Caller reports that she is being followed home by a llama.

Friday, 2:24 P.M.:  Visitor's Center called and stated they had a lady come in who wanted to complain about a sign that is just north of Washburn that states "throw the bum out" referring to Obama, and she feels it is offensive and too close to the road.

Monday, 6:06 P.M.:  Caller reports that his daughter is playing at Beaser Park and there is a second grade boy there "swearing up a storm."

Monday, 2:10 P.M.:  Caller reports a bear in their house.  No one is inside the home, they're all outside in their car.

Tuesday, 1:03 P.M.:  Boyfriend's "baby mama" is texting and harassing caller.

Wednesday, 2:30 P.M.:  Report of loud music coming from garage.  Update: neighbor was sitting in the garage listening to his favorite satellite radio station, was sorry if he was "rocking too hard."

Thursday, 12:53 P.M.:  Caller stated that people have been tipping over the "outhouse" at White River Bridge, asked for additional patrols.

Thursday, 4:41 P.M.:  Open-air 911 misdial.  Caller and children were heard trying to decide between Justin Bieber and Superman shirts.  Update: contact made with caller who confirmed she was just packing.


Nan said...

Is Ashland being overrun by llamas?

Mary said...

There do seem to be a lot of llama-related entries lately, don't they?

Yankee Librarian said...

Part of me feels kinda sorry for the guy who was rocking too hard.