Friday, June 01, 2012

Insert creaky coffin-opening sound.

The first time I saw a commercial for that Dark Shadows movie that just came out (y'know, the one with Johnny Depp), it sparked a distant memory in the back of my brain that sent me rummaging through the storage room in the basement...where I found this:

May 26.

Behold: our copy of the Barnabas Collins board game.

Now, bear in mind that me & my brothers were born too late to have ever actually watched that show when it was on TV, so when we got this as a hand-me-down from our older cousins, we had no idea what it was about. And really, the box didn't give us much to go on, because as games go, this one wasn't terribly sophisticated.

What a weird game.

Yeah, you spun a wheel, picked bones out of a coffin and hung them off a hanger.  Maybe it was more fun if you'd seen Dark Shadows, but I kind of doubt it.

In fact, the only part of the game that I remember getting excited about was this:


Bonus fangs!!!  We never fought over how to play the game, we just fought over who got to wear the teeth.  Alas, our copy's "bonus fangs" appears to have flown the coop, so now the game seems especially pointless.  Perhaps someone will unearth this amidst the dark shadows of the Moquah thrift shop and pawn it off on their own unsuspecting children.  Much like vampires, boring board games never really die...they wander the earth forever.

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