Thursday, May 17, 2012

The weaving is the hardest part.

I haven't made a ton of baby blankets in the last year or two...or well, it doesn't seem like I have compared to other baby boom times in my social circle.  Usually I just halfass it,grab some yarn and make a bunch of stripes...lately, I've been more adventurous than usual and have been following more patterns.  (Actually, now that I see that typed-out, I suppose following a pattern would generally be considered the less-adventurous route, wouldn't it?)

At any rate -- I made one of these, then had enough yarn left over to make another one so I did.

Pink blankets.

I like how they turned out, even though the little squares aren't completely square so things needed a bit of tugging and yanking to make it all straight(ish). But oh god, I forgot how much I hate the weaving-all-the-pieces-together phase of blankets like this.  It's so tedious.  You get one row done, and then there's like, four more rows. And then you need to tie all those rows together...I suffer for my art, I really do.

(I've got more of this same yarn left over, so like a true masochist, I'm starting another one of these.  I never learn.)


Yankee Librarian said...

These are great!

It's kind of like log-cabin knitting, which b=is based on the log cabin quilt. I love cabin knitting but with it you can pick up the stitches on the side of the square you just finished and keep knitting. You still have to weave in al the ends, but can pick up some of the loose ends when you pick up the stitches.

Mary said...

That sounds less frustrating. haha