Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 1:22 P.M.: 
911 open air call. Dispatch called the number back and spoke with owner who said he didn't have a problem but "something is wrong" with his "Obama phone."

Wednesday, 1:57 P.M.:  BART bus driver reported an air mattress laying in the road by Pamida.

Thursday, 9:01 A.M.:  Caller wanted to report that his ex broke into his house and stole his candy.

Thursday, 4:21 P.M.:  Walk-in reports a vehicle "flying around."

Friday, 10:22 P.M.:  Caller reported a group of people hiding in the bushes and jumping out.  Caller said they are smoking "something," and "it isn't cigarettes."

Saturday, 11:27 P.M.:  911 caller reports a male is "snaking out."  Update: officer on scene reports that all parties appeared intoxicated.

Sunday, 12:54 P.M.:  Caller advised a male in a tight red and black outfit was going to skateboard down Golf Course Hill in Mellen.  Update: no individual located in tight red and black outfit.

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