Friday, April 27, 2012

What's making me happy this week.

They're ba-ack...

I'll admit it: I've dabbled in some of the other "Housewives" franchises.  Beverly Hills is ridiculous/entertaining.  Atlanta's good for some laughs.  New York is too bitchy.  I can't tell anyone apart on Orange County.  (And Miami...please.  The best part about it was the lady who looked like a cross between the cat lady and Vincent on "Beauty and the Beast."  Give her a show!) 

But New Jersey...I love them despite myself.  I don't know why they charm me so, but as Sunday evening fast approaches, I honestly have a hard time picking out which to watch first -- Mad Men, or this.  It's like standing in the chip aisle at the grocery store, trying to decide whether I want to spring for organic corn puffs, or grab the two-for-$4.00 Doritos and spend the night licking orange dust off my fingers.  One is delicious and filling; the other is irresistible and leaves me feeling filthy.

Will Season 4 deliver the goods?  Will it impart onto the zeitgeist anything as timeless and enduring as "The Last Supper"? 

God, I hope so.

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