Sunday, April 08, 2012

What's making me happy this week.

As a part of my ongoing efforts to (A.) write more and (B.) write more often, I'm stealing an idea from one of my favorite podcasts:  Pop Culture Happy Hour's "What's Making Us Happy."  At the end of each week's show, the panel members each go around and list some piece of pop culture ephemera that's, well, making them happy that week.  Sometimes it's something they saw on TV, sometimes it's a movie they're looking forward to, sometimes it's a paragraph in a book or magazine article that caught their eye. It's kind of a happy-go-lucky catch-all.

So, what's making me happy this week?  This.


That, my friends, is a screenshot from one of my ultimate guilty pleasures: Dance Moms. Yes, I know it's horrible.  It's a horrible, terrible show.  I feel dirty for watching it.  Tsk-tsk and all that.  But if I wasn't watching it, I would have missed seeing a little girl dancing around in a nude-colored leotard with hunks of beef jerky stapled to it, filming a commercial for a beef jerky store.  Did you know that stores devoted solely to the manufacture and selling of beef jerky even existed?  Neither did I.  So obviously, this commercial they were working on is crucial if we've any hope of reviving America's beef jerky industry in this tough economy.

In short:  watching Dance Moms makes me an American hero.

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