Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Police blotter.

Sunday, 4:26 P.M.:
  Report of male driving a "gas powered contraption."

Monday, 2:52 A.M.:  911 caller would like an officer to tell his brother to shut up.

Tuesday, 4:47 P.M.: Report of horse and buggy westbound on 3rd Street.  Caller was unsure if this was legal or not.

Tuesday, 6:30 P.M.:  Caller would like to know why she has to pick up her dog's droppings when she walks it, but the people down the road don't have to pick up after their horses.

Wednesday, 7:39 P.M.:  Caller requested an officer to remove his 18 year-old daughter, who was "being mouthy and won't listen."

Friday, 5:50 A.M.:  Suspicious caller asking how good the medical care is in jail, if he should get in trouble and end up there.

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