Saturday, March 31, 2012

Police blotter.

Wednesday, 4:31 A.M.: 
A vehicle hit and knocked over a gas pump; gas is shut off now but driver is still there, trying to move the pump.

Wednesday, 9:42 P.M.:  Caller reports her daughter keeps getting calls pushing her to buy Justin Bieber tickets.  Apparently this male caller does not want to take no for an answer and keeps calling.

Thursday, 10:22 P.M.:  Bear in dumpster.

Thursday, 11:34 P.M.:  911 caller was screaming about a male "who was in the Mexican mob" who pulled her pants down in the bar.  Caller sounded very intoxicated and would wait outside the bar.  Update: officer gave caller a ride home.

Friday, 10:00 A.M.: Caller was yelling about why the police came in his house when he was having a heart attack and they took his pills.

Friday, 1:42 P.M.:  Caller stated she was out in her yard trying to get her dog on a collar when her ex-sister-in-law drove by as a passenger in a tan Chevy and yelled.

Sunday, 3:04 A.M.:  Caller reports two people "getting busy" in an Oldsmobile.

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