Monday, February 27, 2012

Postcard from Bessy.

Bessy at her new home in Forest Lake. Bessy!

"Hi Mary,

This is your old friend Bessy. I just wanted to let you know I have a new home in Forest Lake, MN. Your cousin-in-law, Matt brought me to work on the trailer. One of his co-workers decided to buy me for his son, after taking me for a test drive. I took the trailer ride up to Forest Lake, and I am now in the hands of a teenage high school boy. (Lord help me!) He loves the great stereo, but complains about my lack of power windows and absence of a key fob for unlocking the doors automatically.

Take care,
Love, Bessy"


Oh my gosh! So wonderful to hear from you, what a surprise! I didn't think I'd ever see you again, so seeing you parked in a new driveway definitely just made my day. I'm so glad you found a new home, and so quickly, too -- but I knew Matt would find the right place for you, he's got a good eye for quality automobiles. And I'm really glad you'll be with a whippersnapper who'll give you a few more years of adventure -- you might wind up with a few more dents and scrapes by the time he's done with you, but hey, they'll probably blend in pretty well with the ones that are already there.

And he'll get used to the lack of power windows -- tell him that rolling the windows up & down builds character! Or arm muscles, whatever works.

Thanks so much for dropping me a line -- and if you see Jill & Matt, tell them thanks, too.



P.S. The new-to-me car is doing well -- it hasn't got a name yet, but you know, these things take time...

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