Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 6:39 P.M.: Caller requested to speak with an officer about “people starting shit.”

Wednesday, 1:31 A.M.: Requested officer for two male teenage kids who are stoned. Said one walked into the back storage room and tried to go to sleep, and he chased them out.

Thursday, 5:45 P.M.: Caller on Main Street East requests an officer to remove the neighbor's dog from the roof and return it to the house.

Friday, 3:49 A.M.: Caller advised that people in a vehicle were sleeping in the drive-thru.

Sunday, 7:37 A.M.: Caller reports someone or someTHING was walking across the ice and now has been in the same location for approximately 30 minutes. Update: officer reports that he spotted a fisherman enjoying his day and someone walking their dog.

Sunday, 5:14 P.M.: Received message stating some girls at the bait shop in Drummond are concerned about a new guy in the area who is “creeping them out.”

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Beverly said...

Oh, this is great!