Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Police blotter.

Thursday, 1:02 A.M.: Caller reports a red Chevy Silverado doing donuts on the lake.

Thursday, 3:38 P.M: Report of a dead skunk under a neighbors' house and that there is a terrible smell coming from it. Caller stated that the neighbors were unreceptive to removing the animal.

Saturday, 1:13 P.M.: Traffic hazard: report of numerous bunches of Evergreen Shoppers on the highway.

Sunday, 1:10 A.M.: Caller was heavily intoxicated and called 911 to have a cab called for him.

Monday, 11:53 P.M.: Caller in Bayfield reports a chair in the middle of Highway 13.

Tuesday, 7:18 P.M.: Caller reports her apartment is too cold.

Wednesday, 4:22 P.M.: Caller reports a green sedan parked by the gazebo at the marina. Windows are fogged-up and people inside seem to be "fooling around."

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