Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oredock demolition update:

Excavators on top of the  dock.

Excavators were lifted up by crane and set on top of the dock in late February...a few days later, they moved out to the end of the dock.

Excavators moved out to the end of the dock on 2/28/2012...

(Note the delightful snowstorm blowing in across the lake...brr. And yet, there were still guys out there ice fishing.)

Then, they started lowering the chutes.

...and they started dropping the chutes.

They aren't removing the chutes yet, just lowering them (you can see them hanging there) -- I think they have to paint them with something first, to seal in any contaminants to keep from getting them into the lake.

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Nan said...

Depressing. Very depressing. I hate to see it go.