Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Last walk through JCPenney's.

Penney's last day in Ashland, 1/28/2012.

Penney's closed on Saturday, January 28, 2012...late that afternoon, we went down to the store to pick up some ladders my parents had bought from the store liquidators. Given that my mom had worked there for 20+ years, she really wanted to take one last swing through the building, too, for old time's sake.

One last stop in the front windows.


By the time we arrived, all the merchandise was gone. All that was left were the piles of stuff going to other stores, the stuff they'd sold that people were coming to pick up, and the employees.

Parting words written on the lunch room wall.

I hadn't planned on going in there in the weeks leading up to the closing -- I just wanted to remember it as it was. But I'm glad we went -- my mom knew every nook & cranny of that place, and it brought back a lot of memories to see the stock room where she worked again (and where me & my younger brother spent a lot of time waiting for her after school or pestering her when we were on summer vacation).

There's lots more pictures over here, too.

The stairs.

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