Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Practice makes perfect (or perfect-adjacent).

After sort of half-succeeding when I tried a new scarf pattern last month, I decided to give it another go-'round. The first time, I'd misread the pattern and used the wrong stitch, and didn't realize it until after the fact when it was too late/I was too lazy to pull it all apart.

Scarf for Sarah.

I mean, to anybody else, it looks perfectly fine -- it only looks "wrong" to me because I know I screwed up.

Anyway -- I gave it another try:


This looks "better" -- it's curlier and fluffier and it has a little more length to it. But still, when I finished it, it seemed sort of tight and I wondered if I tried again with a larger crochet hook and with a little looser tension in the yarn...

Spread out.

Now we're cooking with gas!

I had two more skeins of the same brand of yarn in my stash, so I gave it one more try:


There we go -- fluffy and ruffle-y. It's not exactly like the pattern intended, but using a little thicker yarn like I did gave it some bounce.


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