Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Police blotter.

Sunday, 9:09 A.M.: Caller reports someone is driving under the influence in his mother's mail car.

Monday, 5:46 P.M.:
Complaint about neighbor that keeps knocking on her door at early hours asking to buy cigarettes.

Thursday, 12:34 A.M.: Caller reports her husband no longer lets her "love him up" and also shoves her away.

Saturday, 12:24 P.M.: 911 caller reports a car parked at the high school wedged between two other cars, "it's not a real parking spot."

Saturday, 1:35 P.M.: 911 hang-up call. Update: upon callback, dispatch spoke to a male who stated his kid was playing with the phone. He handed off the phone to an adult female who stated that her 11 year-old daughter tried dialing 911 because she was going to hit her with a wooden spoon. (Sidenote: man, if only me & my brothers had known we could call 911 when we were kids and drove our mother to chasing us with the wooden spoon!)

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