Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Police blotter.

Saturday, 12:57 P.M.:
Caller reports someone came into her residence and stole all of her meat out of the freezer.

Sunday, 9:39 P.M.:
Called to report someone rang their doorbell and ran away.

Wednesday, 4:00 P.M.:
Caller reports seeing "the black kind of cows" on the edge of the highway.

Friday, 7:57 A.M.:
Caller in Barksdale reports a Christmas tree in the middle of Highway 13.

Friday, 12:22 P.M.:
Caller on 14th Street West reports that his delivery vehicle dropped a pool table and it's in the middle of the road.

Friday, 5:28 P.M.:
Caller quite upset about snowmobiler smashing the door off their mailbox. States this must be a federal offense and she wants something done about it.

Friday, 8:27 P.M.:
Caller reports large chunks of ice or something in the roadway on 8th Street West between Chapple Ave. and 6th Street. Update: officer advised it is a snowman in the road.

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