Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Bessy update.

Bessy's still here.

Waiting between the garage & the garden.

She's been parked between the garage and the garden since the new-to-me car went into circulation in the middle of January. It's kind of bittersweet -- I like having her around, but on the other hand, it's also a constant reminder that she'll be going soon.

We didn't really get to take that final joyride I'd talked about -- apparently, the State of Wisconsin might frown on me taking the license plates off the new-to-me car and sticking them back on Bessy once the registration's been switched -- but a few weekends ago, we did throw caution to the wind and make a couple of laps around the yard and up & down our side road. She ran like a dream.

I found some funny stuff when I cleaned her out. Parking lot stubs from downtown Helena (and a few from my last year at UMD -- though to be fair, I'd found those on many previous cleaning binges but just hadn't had the heart to toss them), trinkets from vending machines in restaurant and grocery store lobbies that my friends had left in there over the years, a swimsuit in the trunk, Virgin Mary-themed air fresheners and a bumper sticker I hadn't gotten around to affixing to the back bumper yet: "This is not an abandoned vehicle."

(In all seriousness, I kept Bessy pretty clean over the years, but I could always find a little room in the glove compartment or the pockets behind the seats for a few "treasures.")

Meanwhile, Bessy and the new-to-me car appear to be getting along nicely.

Bessy & the new-to-me  car.

(The new-to-me car doesn't have a name yet. One mustn't rush these things.)

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