Monday, December 26, 2011

Stuff I've made lately.

More substantial posts to come (I swear -- honestly, there are actual legitimate things keeping me away from the computer lately) -- for now, here's some of the stuff I've been busy crocheting lately.

An elephant for my friend John's daughter, Laney:
An elephant for Laney.

Monkeys for as-yet-unspecified recipients:

And a scarf for my soon-to-be sister-in-law:

I was really proud of the scarf, since I'd never made anything quite like that before...until I re-read the pattern after I'd finished and realized I'd been doing the wrong stitch the whole time. Oh, well -- I still like the way it turned out and don't think it really makes a difference in the long run.

Coming up next: baby gifts (everyone's having so many babies!), some more stuffed animals, and a long-overdue yarn heap reorganization. If I stick to my guns, maybe I'll finally make a dent in that pile in 2012.

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