Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Police blotter.

Sunday, 2:24 P.M.: Caller reports she just busted out the window of her boyfriend's car because she needs to get her baby to Duluth and needed the car seat.

Monday, 5:43 P.M.:
Caller reports she just received a suicidal message from her computer.

Monday, 9:26 P.M.:
Called to advise that Christmas decorations have been found; 1 drummer boy, 1 caroling lady, 1 street lamp.

Tuesday, 4:56 P.M.:
Caller yelling and swearing about her neighbors. Dispatch could not understand the female very well because she was yelling and had the phone too close to her mouth. Female didn’t know who the people were but they left pop cans on her porch.

Friday, 7:00 A.M.:
Caller advised she received a postcard reporting a barking dog complaint from "the neighborhood."

Friday, 6:08 P.M.:
Caller reports she believes someone may have broken into her home and broke some items. Update: officer advises her suspicions were unfounded, picture just fell off wall while resident was out.

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