Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Police blotter.

Saturday, 5:48 P.M.: 911 call from a woman about a white SUV that parked in the fire line and “there wasn’t a fire!” Caller was upset because when she told the person to move, the other lady laughed at her.

Sunday, 10:44 A.M.: Caller said her husband picked up two roosters from the woods in Marengo and brought them home.

Monday, 11:12 A.M.: Report of a fifth grader who isn't listening and laying in the parking lot.

Tuesday, 12:28 P.M.: Caller reports her neighbors are in a verbal argument described as “a good one.”

Tuesday, 6:22 P.M.: Reports a male driving a white cargo van came to her door trying to sell meat.

Wednesday, 11:18 P.M.: Caller states she heard her door unlock and believes that someone entered her residence, then left and locked the door again. Caller stated that there is cat food missing.

Thursday, 10:07 A.M.: Downstairs neighbor keeps putting out too much garbage and it doesn’t get picked up.

Friday, 1:47 A.M.: Requested police to respond for "monkey business."


regina said...

were there actual monkeys involved in said monkey business?
and ohhh i just learned that in the new year our police are going to start publishing a blotter i am so freaking excited to hear what craziness the hippies of my town complain about!

Mary said...

I don't think there were any actual monkeys involved, but I'll stay vigilant regardless. Those clever monkeys are always up to no good!

I hope your police blotter brings you as much joy as my local one brings me. :-) (Although, to be fair, there's a lot of "actual" crimes in ours, too, I just opt to focus on the ridiculous stuff.)