Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Police blotter.

Sunday, 3:41 P.M. (Apple Fest weekend): Received two cell phone calls regarding a male who is exposing himself by the Bayfield Inn on Rittenhouse Avenue in Bayfield. Subject wearing red shirt and straw hat.

Monday, 6:40 A.M.: Man wants it on file that he had a peeping Tom at about 6:00 A.M. on Broad Street in Bayfield. He was unable to locate suspect.

Tuesday, 6:29 A.M.: Caller reported that 2 white dogs walked into her yard and barked when she brought her dog outside to “potty.”

Tuesday, 1:50 P.M.: Caller requests officer assistance for her sister who dropped her keys in a yard filled with leaves on 6th Street West in Washburn. Update: keys were found.

Tuesday, 3:34 P.M.: Report of a snake in yard that caller believes might be poisonous on Omaha Street in Washburn. Update: snake is not poisonous, is caught and released in woods.

Wednesday, 1:34 P.M.: Report of a motion detector alarm at a residence. Update: keyholder called and stated everything was fine, it was the beetles and flies setting off the alarm and did not need an officer to respond.

Thursday, 11:16 A.M.: Caller reported that her husband came home from being out all night with a hickey on his neck and refused to tell who gave it to him.

Friday, 9:56 P.M.: Caller stated there are kids on tractors literally running over trucks in the field and being very loud.

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