Thursday, October 27, 2011

It continues.

The wooden trestle leading up to the Oredock is gone.

From the marina.
(Saturday, October 22, 2011.)

It's...disorienting. It looks frail, more vulnerable. Like it could just tip over or something, without that piece balancing it and connecting it to the shore. Driving into town from the west and seeing it on the lake's horizon, it takes a second to notice the empty space on the right...but once you do, it seems impossible to stop staring at it.

Even though I've been here in town during its demolition and have seen the process unfolding with my own eyes, I'm still sort of disbelieving what I'm seeing.

For comparison -- photos from October 8th, October 15th, and October 22nd:
It begins: Oredock update, 10/8/2011. Oredock update, 10/15/2011.On 8th Avenue East.

October 8th vs. October 22nd:
Standing by the barricade on the walking trail. Barricade on the walking trail.

October 15th vs. October 22nd:
Peeking through the fence on Water Street. Peeking through the (open) fence on Water Street.

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that something that's been there for almost a hundred years has been dismantled in less than a month.

Arm's length.

View from the boathouses.
By the boathouses.

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