Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween omnibus.

I'm lame and don't have any scandalous Halloween plans this year. Didn't make a costume, didn't go out carousing on Saturday night, didn't get into any shenanigans. I'm well on my way into my spinster years, I know.

What I did instead was make Halloween decorations. Which was fun, and I like how they turned out...but on the other hand, we don't ever get any trick-or-treaters at our house anymore (seeing as how we're out in the sticks), so the only people who'll get any enjoyment out of them are me, my mother, and maybe the UPS guy. (I'd include my father in this list, but I'm pretty sure he tunes all this out.)


Cheesecloth ghosts! I remember my mom making these when we were kids, and how cool it was to get off the school bus and just find them there one day after school...if I had it to do over again, I'd make more of these to hang closer to the house.


Also: snake wreaths!

The other snake wreath.

This was featured in a Martha Stewart daily e-mail a few weeks ago (shut up, yes, I know, see above mention of spinsterhood) and I thought it was awesome. I ran into a couple of minor snafus that made this project drag on much longer than I'd anticipated, though. First, the spray paint I used on the snakes had a reaction that made them impossibly sticky -- like, pry-them-off-your-hands-and-wash-with-GooGone-for-twenty-minutes-afterward levels of stickiness. So I had to repaint them twice with a flat cheapo acrylic paint just to make them manageable. Next, though it was warm out when I started painting, all of a sudden the bottom dropped out on us weather-wise and it's been down in the 30s-40s-50s, making it hard to get the spray painting finished. Last, I bought more snakes than I needed for one wreath, so in the middle of the project, I had to track down another grapevine wreath, and yadda-yadda-yadda.

Anyway, I think they turned out pretty wicked gnarly.


And that's about all I have to report as far as Halloween festivities this year. Tonight, I'll be heading over to my friends Elizabeth & Peter's house to help them hand out candy (i.e., eat Little Caesars and watch Dance Moms on Lifetime and occasionally get up to answer the doorbell), which will be delightful but, again, probably not all that scandalous. Especially since their baby's bedtime comes around 8:00.

Instead, enjoy some tantalizing tidbits from Halloweens past.

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