Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I went to Montana!

More on that later.

First: this is what the yard looked like before me & my mom left last week.


And this is what it looked like when we got home yesterday.


Tornado? Typhoon? Michael Bay movie? Nope -- my folks hired some loggers to clear out the dead and/or dying trees from their ten acres, a process which had started a few weeks before our trip. They worked their way down from the back woods and made their way into the yard last week while we were gone. Frankly, I'm glad I wasn't here -- me & my mom are more sentimental about crap like trees than my dad seems to be, and I think watching some of these big ol' jackpines and maples come down would have been traumatic. As it is, it looks like a war zone.

(Of course, the week we need to pick up massive piles of branches around the yard, it's 100 outside with 88% humidity. Of course.)

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