Friday, July 29, 2011

Police blotter.

Sunday, 4:18 P.M.: Report of wheelchair taken while owner was in tavern picking up his girlfriend.

Sunday, 4:55 P.M.: Report of subject in wheelchair on highway. Update: Subject advised he was in highway travel lane.

Monday, 10:05 A.M.: Neighbor dispute: Complaint of a pile of mattresses and bikes lying around in the yard.

Tuesday, 10:50 P.M.: Report of ATV riders stopping for a cigarette and being surrounded by people with flashlights and tiki torches. They left the area and later realized they had been chased for a while.

Friday, 1:13 A.M.:
Report of unusual animal on kitchen floor. Caller said it looked like their puppy but she could hear the puppy barking outside. Update: Subjects called again saying that everything was fine at the residence. Both subjects sounded highly intoxicated.

Friday, 2:04 P.M.: Report of male lying in ditch. Update: Subject was fine, just needed a ride.

Saturday, 2:43 A.M.: Request for officer to check motel room that patron said had a fox in it.

Saturday, 3:56 A.M.: Request for officer to chase a bear up a tree so caller could leave for a funeral.

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