Sunday, June 26, 2011

Police blotter.

Thursday, 10:35 P.M.: Report of water running out of washing machine with subject unable to stop the flow. Update: Washburn Public Works Department paged.

Friday, 5:20 P.M.: Request for officer to tell caller's brother to stop racing past her home.

Friday, 8:59 P.M.: Report of group ordering beer and fish fry at restaurant, then screaming it was the worst meal they ever had and walking out without paying for it. Update: Subjects were contacted at their motel and meals were paid for.

Saturday, 1:07 A.M.: Report of vehicle ramming porta-potty, pushing it into the woods.

Saturday, 7:34 P.M.: Report of turtles on roadway. Update: Deputy got turtles off roadway.

Saturday, 10:40 P.M.: Report of people dancing around in the street. Update: Subjects were three high school girls making a video for school project and caller was notified.

Sunday, 10:20 P.M.: Report of strong burning rubber smell by female who stated she was on vacation and did not come to the area to smell odors. Update: No fire located but what with the weather being dense and misty, odor could have been from outside the area.

Sunday, 11:17 P.M.: Request to shoo away mama bear and cub who were raiding a dumpster. Update: Later advised that bear had been "shooed."

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