Thursday, June 02, 2011

Police blotter.

Sunday, 1:05 P.M.: Report of occupants of beverage stand being too loud.

Sunday, 5:01 P.M.: Report of small kids chasing cars and when the cars slow down, they wave at them and run off.

Tuesday, 2:16 A.M.: Disturbance: report that a male was beating himself up to try and frame his girlfriend for beating on him.

Tuesday, 10:01 P.M.: Report of a motion alarm going off. Update: keyholder stated there was no need to respond to the alarm because there are beetles that are setting off the alarm.

Thursday, 12:35 A.M.:
Caller reported seeing a light on at house that shouldn't be on. Update: it was a reflection from a mirror causing it to look like a light is on.

Thursday, 8:44 A.M.: Suspicious vehicle report. Update: subject was waiting for rest of family to go to breakfast.

Saturday, 12:13 A.M.: Report of horse tied to lamppost.

Saturday, 1:06 A.M.: Report of possibly intoxicated female sitting in one of Family Video’s flower pots.

Saturday, 8:44 P.M.: Report of male being stalked. Update: "stalkers" were two eleven year-olds and an eight year-old who happened to be walking behind caller.

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