Thursday, March 17, 2011

Police blotter.

Sunday, 6:19 P.M.:
Report of woman locked out of house with food cooking unattended.

Monday, 7:53 A.M.: Report of woman driver striking snowplow on Stuntz Avenue.

Tuesday, 10:56 A.M.: Report of female receiving "mean" phone calls concerning her past.

Wednesday, 12:59 A.M.: Caller reported a gas or onion smell coming from resident, said the dog also smelled. Update: officer determined it was the smell from a wood stove.

Thursday, 4:51 P.M.: Report of teens on top of shed, urinating on compost pile.

Saturday, 10:36 P.M.: Report of hockey team kids from Eau Claire area being unruly.

Sunday, 6:14 P.M.: Report of large pieces of asphalt in lane of traffic. Update: Chunks were actually packed snow which did resemble asphalt.

Bonus: extra credit to my friend Nick for finding this one.

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Jess said...

The one from Madison has me in tears.