Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Highlights from "Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence."

"‎They smell like corn chips when they're sleeping. And their tails smell like grape Kool-Aid."

"Ferrets do a happy dance. It's a sheer dance of joy. I call it the 'Weasel War Dance.'"

"It seemed like as my children got older and grew up and moved out that I sort of replaced them with ferrets."

"There's a line of shampoos for women based on their hair color. I bought the blonde one for my lighter ferrets, and the brunette one for my darker ferrets. I'm very careful not to get it in their eyes or anything."

"We'll have Japanese judges at the show, because ferrets are huge in Japan."

"You're proud that your kid got an A in school. You're proud that your ferret won a ribbon. It's a pride thing."

"Ferrets accept whatever is happening in the moment. They accept whatever there is to play with, they accept whatever there is to eat. They accept it if they're sick, they accept it if they die."

"If a ferret nips or bites a judge, they can disqualify them. And you can't really blame 'em."

"Anybody should know not to put their pet up to somebody else's face. I just can't believe how much blood comes out of someone's nose."

‎"She's a sweet girl. She doesn't realize what she did. We're trying to decide if I need a stitch or two...it might just be my battle scar."

"327 ferrets attended the show. 400 ribbons were awarded."

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