Thursday, March 31, 2011

Before they find me buried alive under a mountain of string.

I'm making a concerted effort lately to burn off some of my ridiculously large yarn stash. Seriously, it's embarrassing. An embarrassment of yarnly riches.

First up: some baby hats. The white one is the first I've ever attempted, and I decided it was worthy of my friends Elizabeth & Peter's new baby, Elenore. The second, I'm not as sold on...same pattern, but I used two yarns at once (mmm, creamsicle-y) and the end result proved a little stiff. Maybe a little too stiff. There's a charity bin for hats like these at one of the yarn shops in town, so I might drop it in there sometime.

Baby hat for Elenore. Orange & white baby hat.

Next: a bunny for my friend Emily's kiddo, Elliot, whose 2nd birthday was earlier this month.

Bunny for Elliot. Bunny butt.

I can't recall the last time I crocheted a stuffed animal like that...the last one might've been for the county fair when I was about seven or eight. I've got a pattern book for some amigurami critters, and a lot of little balls of leftover yarn from previous projects, so maybe I'll whip up some more of those, too.

Also coming up: baby sweaters! Granted, none of these projects is using up a particular large amount of the aforementioned yarn heap...but I figure baby steps, right? Start small, and then kick it into high gear. Sure, that's what'll happen.

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