Saturday, February 19, 2011

Police blotter.

Thursday, 2:20 P.M.: Report of sound of person in distress. Update: Noise was a seagull.

Friday, 4:34 P.M.: Traffic hazard: caller reported a suitcase in the middle of the road on Lake Shore Drive East.

Saturday, 12:42 A.M.: Report of harassing texts received. Update: It was friends playing a joke on subject.

Saturday, 7:26 A.M.: Report of person at party threatening to "beat up a car."

Saturday, 11:37 A.M.: Report of male confronting neighbor about feeding deer. The feeder later exposed himself to complainant.

Sunday, 3:20 P.M.: Report of woman arguing with tavern owner over disposal of dog poop.

Tuesday, 9:06 P.M.: Caller reported her car stolen, then called back to say she had parked it behind a big snow bank and just didn't see it.

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