Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Packer Parade.

Ashland had a parade in honor of the Green Bay Packers last Saturday (the day before the Superbowl)'s not the first Packer Parade we've ever had, but I think it was the best.

Another Lombardi. Yep, those are bear pelts.

Too awesome. They heart their Packers.
Many more pictures over here.

Game day was equally momentous. We gathered at my friends Elizabeth & Peter's house for deep-fried cheese curds, a six-foot party sub, gluten-free cupcakes (for the gluten-intolerant among us), and a coconut (which, unfortunately, we never got around to fashioning into a bra).

Superbowl Sunday! We made the pregnant lady work the fryer. Nick hacks into a coconut.

Sarah has an adverse reaction to Fergie. Packers win!
Making the pregnant lady work the fryer; Nick hacks into the coconut;
Sarah has an adverse reaction to Fergie; Packers win!

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