Thursday, January 20, 2011


Recent goings-on:

This year's nativity scene.

Christmas! This year's nativity scene (hidden in the basement, far from Grandma's watchful eye) featured seven Baby Jesuses (Jesi?), a new household record. Like I always say, if one Baby Jesus is good, then seven must be really good, right? The wise men were kind enough to bring gifts this year, too.

The Three Wise Men.

Our family Christmas Eve proved most wholesome. Brother Nick acquired several new moustaches to wear on his nights of carousing in Duluth, and we all bore witness to a Christmas miracle as Toivo the Wonder Cat suddenly took a shine to Brother Dewey (who happened to bring Toivo a jar of cat treats for Christmas, but I'm sure that was just a coincidence).

St. Nick. Peace on earth, good will toward Toivo.

The family also enjoyed a bone-snappingly-cold jaunt through Bentleyville in Duluth earlier in December. I loved it. Loved, loved, loved it. If I lived in Duluth, I'd go every night. Seriously, if you're in the area, go next year, you won't be sorry. (Just bundle up!)

Bentleyville! The Twelve Days of Christmas.


We didn't dress Toivo in his Santa suit for Christmas this year, but fortunately, I remembered to dig it out by New Year's Eve. (Well, I guess he wasn't thankful for that.)

Beefcake shot.

(Look at his gut popping out...mere Velcro can't contain a force of such magnitude. I really should start a line of big & tall cat costumes - I think that's a market just waiting to be tapped.)


Ranger Bob said...

I need to check out Bentleyville some year. I've gawked at the decorations on Park Point a couple of year- they aren't too shabby either.

Mary said...

If you can find your way over into East Duluth (21st Ave. E. exit off I-35's a good place to start), there are some awesome lights in some of those neighborhoods, too. Also--Observation Hill, which is right off Piedmont Ave. (if you're following 53 up toward the mall area).