Sunday, January 23, 2011

Police blotter.

Saturday, 6:21 P.M.: Report of finding a bluejay in a cage under a dock.

Sunday, 3:41 A.M.: Report of male hit over the head with a beer bottle.

Monday, 9:12 P.M.:
Report of neighbor plowing area with caller displeased that he was plowing in front of her house.

Tuesday, 8:15 A.M.: Report of plastic bag with two cleaned fish left at door of home.

Tuesday, 9:00 A.M.: Caller reported seeing someone dragging a deer home behind a lawn mower.

Friday, 6:20 P.M.: Report of 7 year-old male leaving house unattended after getting upset over a video game, an ongoing problem. Update: Child found and dropped off with his mother.

Friday, 8:54 P.M.: Report of vehicle in ditch near Maslowski Beach. Update: Vehicle, a 2-wheel drive sedan, was indeed stuck.

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