Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Second Coming Sale.

(As seen nightly on FOX-21 out of Duluth.)

  1. If the world is going to end, why spend money on jewelry? Won't it all just be left behind when you're sucked up Heaven's Chimney?

  2. And if the Rapture's coming, and all your material things will be no more, wouldn't it be more fun to spend that money on something...fun? More fun than a hunk of metal, I mean. Like a trip to the Dells? A dirtbike? A night of karaoke, hot wings and grain alcohol? I mean, at least then you have something to remember fondly as you while away eternity.

  3. Is it just me, or do most traditional descriptions of heaven sound insanely boring? The only one I've ever found all that thought-provoking was the one in Defending Your Life.

    Update (12/2/2010): there's a story about the store owner and his commercial on the front page of today's Duluth News Tribune. And he sounds like a nice guy, even if I do think his ad is kind of crazy.