Sunday, November 28, 2010

Police blotter.

Monday, 9:54 P.M.:
Report of male with pants down around his ankles "flashing" passersby.

Thursday, 6:55 P.M.:
Report of theft of rhino head from tavern sign.

Friday, 4:55 P.M.:
Report of boy throwing apples onto private property. Update: Boy and his mother spoken to.

Saturday, 7:31 A.M.: Report of son pushing and shoving at his mother who said he was a "wannabe gangbanger."

Sunday, 1:46 A.M.: Request for officer to turn off oven at woman's apartment. She mistakenly left it on and was not to be home until the next day.

Sunday, 6:09 A.M.:
Report of female and her boyfriend locked in bedroom because door was stuck. They were advised to take the door off its hinges. They called back saying the hinges were loose but door would still not open so fire department was called in to help them.

Sunday, 6:24 A.M.:
Report of caller hit in head with pool stick.

Sunday, 10:11 A.M.:
Report of neighbor in caller's hot tub completely naked.

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