Thursday, November 11, 2010

Police blotter.

Sunday, 9:21 A.M.:
Report of young male locked in post office. Update: Post office door was sticking.

Sunday, 4:35 P.M.: Report of young boys filling up doggy bags with sand and tossing them around.

Monday, 6:41 P.M.: Report of “pot” leaf taped to female’s door.

Tuesday, 2:39 P.M.: Report of blue van dumping large pile of Russ Feingold posters on side of road. When confronted, driver said he could do what he wanted.

Thursday, 8:25 A.M.: Caller reported she put her kitchen garbage out in a bag in a garbage can, and this morning the can was tipped over and the bag was gone, just wanted to report it in case someone found a bag of garbage somewhere.

Friday, 11:26 P.M.: Report of high school fire alarm sounding. Update: A fog machine at a dance set off the alarm.

Friday, 11:45 P.M.: Report of juvenile alcohol party with lots of wrestling around and thumping heard. Update: Was a dog chasing a cat around.

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