Saturday, November 06, 2010

Skip Saturday Night Live tonight and watch this instead.

Regis: Look at the Ric Flair, jumping and stomping on the poor Hulk. Now watch this! Yow! He's got poor Hulkamania by the throat! And he's not gonna let him up. Snuffing the life out of the Hulkster.

Kathie: When was this, Reeg?

Regis: This was just recently, just the other day!

Paul Bearer: It's going to be the first funeral on pay-per-vieeeeew! First funeral on pay-per-vieeeeeeeeew, oooooooh!

Regis: That's a good one, Paul.

And then Regis starts running around the set, throwing Hulk Hogan pillows at the Undertaker.

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