Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Worth a thousand words.

The Oredock mural on the side of Book World is done!

The Oredock mural.

It's my second-favorite one in town (there's something about the waitress one that makes it hard to top, in my book). I especially like the way they incorporated the little postcard vignettes along the bottom, above the names of the donors...the intimacy of the names & faces do a nice job of balancing the grand scale of the dock and making it seem more personal.

"Lois Mours of Ashland, visiting her husband Ed when he was 'in port' in Superior, Wisconsin."


"John Simmons, Wheelsman for the Columbia Transport Corp.  Went down with 'The Fitz,' Nov. 1975."

"Boys jumping off the Oredock.  If all your friends jumped, would you?"

"Melvin Johnson, 'fishing the diamonds' inside the Oredock."

"Endangered Peregrine Falcon, 2009."

(More close-ups over here.)

What do you think they'll paint next?

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