Friday, September 24, 2010

Police blotter.

Monday, 2:40 A.M.: Report of someone on a riding mower in a parking lot at 4th Avenue West.

Monday, 2:41 A.M.: Report of person riding mower in parking lot.

Monday, 8:03 P.M.: Woman stated that one of the FBI's top five fugitives was in her apartment with his girlfriend, stated they had been traveling across the country. Dispatch looked it up on the internet and found he had been arrested in 2009.

Monday, 9:39 P.M.: Report of woman shooting cars parked on her property. Update:
Woman was angry after her husband had been arrested at her residence.

Wednesday, 4:49 A.M.: Caller reported his neighbor is playing his radio loudly outside to deter wolves, in Drummond.

Friday, 8:00 P.M.: Report of wolf-type dog chasing kids.

Saturday, 1:43 P.M.: Report of intoxicated male walking along road and tossing highway cones. Update: Cones replaced and subject given ride home.

Sunday, 10:51 P.M.: Complaint of a group taking down a tent in a parking lot with what sounded like a chainsaw and very loud.

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