Monday, August 30, 2010



You're a Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice
How could a book with so many funny contributors be so unlikeable? I was glad I got it from the library and that I hadn't shelled out any money; as this reviewer on Amazon put it, it's "all punchlines and no set-ups." Too many hipsters stirring the pot and a lot of potential squandered.

Inside the Minds of Animals (Time Magazine)
I read this a few weeks ago and it's stuck with me ever since...lots of food for thought.

The Thirty-Three Faces of Gretchen" on Tom & Lorenzo
So far, this has been my favorite season of Project Runway since Christian won - the challenges have been better, the cast is amusing (I'm particularly fond of Valerie, Mondo and Michael C.), and the editors have done a brilliant job of slowly bringing the Gretchen-as-manipulative-bossypants story arc to a boiling point. Last Thursday's episode was the best one in years, and Tom & Lorenzo skewer it magnificently. (Additional reading: the AV Club's awesome recap.)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (on Bravo)
Tonight's the season two reunion show and OH MY SWEET GOD LOOK AT THE CRAZY.

(Also: this made me laugh 'til I cried.)

Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town (on IFC)
Is it on par with their old TV series? Not quite. But it's pretty funny on its own merits and it's been getting stronger from episode to episode. (Plus, the Chicken Lady made a guest appearance.)

Veronica Mars (Season 1 on DVD)
Why didn't I watch this when it was on the air?

Louie (on FX)
This falls into the same category as Curb Your Enthusiasm for me, in the sense that I love it even though it makes me incredibly uncomfortable sometimes to watch it. This takes a more surrealistic slant than Curb, and I love the way the tone of a scene can turn on a dime and go somewhere completely unexpected.

Flipping Out (on Bravo)
I can't get enough of this.

Huge (on ABC Family)
I feel like this show is slumming it, airing on this channel. Which maybe isn't fair, since all I know of ABC Family is that they air the idiotic (and frequent Soup target) The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but god, that's show's so dumb it taints anything that comes near it. Anyway, Huge is in a totally different vein; the characters have depth and the relationships between the campers (and the staff) are rich and nuanced. Weight is a central element to the show, obviously, but instead of it being the sole focus, the show's more about how everyone feels like a misfit sometimes, regardless of their age or pant size. Tonight's the season finale; no word on whether it's being renewed yet, but I hope it does.

Mad Men (on AMC)
Last season's finale was just the jolt this show needed - as difficult as it is to watch Don Draper circling the drain right now, it'll be interesting to see if he makes it to rock bottom & what might come after that.


- It's too damn hot and I'm ready to be done with this summer nonsense. Bring on the fall!


Yankee Librarian said...

Oh, that Gretchen link was priceless.

And I am so very happy Jeff Lewis is back.

Mary said...

This summer's been an embarrassment of riches, TV-wise.