Saturday, August 14, 2010

Police blotter.

Monday, 9:36 A.M.: Report of vacuum cleaner found on side of road.

Tuesday, 7:27 A.M.: Report of zucchini theft.

Tuesday, 1:54 P.M.: Caller reported that his 92-year-old father took off on a lawnmower and now the family could not find him, requested Barnes Fire Department to assist. Subject was located.

Thursday, 9:53 P.M.: Report of woman locking herself in closet. Update: Subject freed from closet.

Friday, 6:11 P.M.: Report of woman holding an injured loon. Update: Loon was released.

Saturday, 11:48 A.M.: Report of bear trying to get into house with caller saying, "The bear is going to eat me up."

Saturday, 12:30 P.M.: Report of threat to "saw a bike in half with a chainsaw."

Sunday, 5:21 A.M.: Report of male walking on highway with 12-pack on shoulder.

Sunday, 7:20 P.M.: Report of naked male getting out of vehicle and squatting in highway. Update: There was a valid Ashland County warrant out on subject and he was taken to jail.


Nan said...

Why would anyone steal zucchini? Has there ever been a zucchini shortage that would turn them into objects to covet?

Peachy said...

Watch out for illegal trafficking of zucchini bread at the next farmer's market.