Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now that's just lazy.

Take a good look at this pony...

"My Little Pony at the County Fair."

...or actually, don't bother, because they just used the same picture over & over throughout the entire book.

Oh, a day at the fair. What fun.

Huh, that looks familiar. Did the pony get Botox?
Has it been stuffed like Roy Rogers' horse, or what? Wow, that's a whole lotta tracing.

They managed to make it as hard and plastic as an actual My Little Pony. I guess that's impressive, in a way.


Ranger Bob said...

Sharp eyes!

That's definitely kind of cheesy, but I guess artists cutting corners goes back a long way. Back in colonial days, itinerant portrait painters would travel around with a wagon full of pre-made paintings: the only part missing was the head. Choose the body and outfit you wanted, and they'd stick your face on it.

Mary said...

Oh my gosh--I love that portrait idea! haha I'm surprised they aren't still doing that at county fairs and places like that, that's awesome.

It's Rainy In Washington said...

Only you would notice such a thing. Only you would read my little pony. I think you should go to graduate school and do your dissertation on this.

Amanda said...

hey, i think i had that book! too bad you didn't go to graduate school with me, where you actually *could* have done your dissertation on something like this.