Monday, June 14, 2010

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 4:32 A.M.: Report of unknown intoxicated male in caller’s home. Update: Subject dropped off at home — he didn’t realize he was in the wrong house.

Tuesday, 10:16 A.M.: Traffic complaint of a speeding dairy truck on Range Line Road.

Tuesday, 1:11 P.M.: Caller reported a turtle trying to cross the road just east of the ‘T’ on U.S. 2, stating the turtle was a couple feet long. Update: Gigantic turtle not located.

Wednesday, 2:09 A.M.: Caller believes someone came and took her lawnmower and was using it to mow her lawn at this time, wanted officer to check it out.

Wednesday, 8:59 A.M.:
Caller reported that his neighbor’s bull is allowed to run loose and has taken up residence in his shed and does not allow him to get his mail, on Pratt Road.

Wednesday, 6:32 P.M.:
Caller reported an adult was arrested for yelling at little children and calling them names.

1 comment:

mmkastern said...

LOL, my hubby, Mike was the officer called to the Tuesday, turtle call, you should have heard him when he came home that day telling his funny. On a side note: If anyone ever takes my lawn mower to mow my grass they are more that welcome.. I will not complain, as long as they put it back when they are done!