Sunday, June 27, 2010

The only thing at the casino that could possibly tempt me into developing a gambling problem.

Last night, I went to a casino to watch a boxing tournament. Random, I know. (My friend Peter helps coach the high school track team, and one of his charges was boxing in the tournament last night so Elizabeth & I went along for moral support. And, uh, the people-watching.) The boxing was interesting; I don't know if it's something I'll ever rush out to see again, but it was obvious that the kids (and adults) involved take it very seriously and it's cool that someone's taking the time to teach them and give them an outlet for that sort of thing.

The casino, on the other hand...good lord. Lock me up in the psych ward if I ever start going to one of those on a regular basis. I've never understood what people get out of those places - they're dark, they're loud, they're smoky, no one looks happy to be in there, and people act so weirdly territorial about which slot machines they sit at, it's like dealing with a bunch of zombies. And to top it all off, the thought of just blindly putting money into a blinky, shiny machine for hours on end...I can't imagine doing that. It's like flushing money down the toilet. I can think of about a billion ways to waste my money where I actually get something out of it, so I don't understand how anyone can get any long-term enjoyment out of gambling.

But then, I saw this:

"Kitty Glitter."

Maybe I should start saving rolls of quarters for when I'm a crazy old cat lady with lots of time on my hands.

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