Saturday, April 03, 2010

"Sorry about the lamb cake!"

When your name is Mary, you get used to the "Mary had a little lamb" stuff pretty early on. (Ditto to the "Mary, Mary, quite contrary," the "Mary, Mary, where you going to?" and the Run-DMC variation, "Mary, Mary, why you buggin'?"). I imagine it's much the same for people named Georgie, Peter, and Humpty. But when your name is Mary, and you're born in the early spring, and your birthday rather frequently falls on the same weekend as Easter...the lamb stuff really gets taken to a whole new level.

In short: I have eaten lamb-shaped cakes for well over half of my 31 birthdays.

"Not another lamb cake!"

16th birthday, 1995.

But the thing is, I love the lamb cakes. They're ridiculous, and covered in coconut, and often surrounded by jelly beans. Coconut! Jelly beans! How could I not love the lamb cakes? So this year, after a long lamb cake drought, my mother decided she'd make one in honor of my birthday landing on yet another Easter weekend.

I woke up this morning and found this laying on the kitchen counter:

"Sorry about the lamb cake!"

That didn't sound promising. And when I opened the pantry door, I discovered what the card was alluding to:

The lamb cake.

Apparently, when my mom got up this morning to head to work, she opened the cupboard door and found the lamb's head lying on the floor. It would appear that the cake wasn't as structurally-sound as it had appeared last night. She said she picked up the head, dusted it off, and tried to artfully stick it back onto the body.

Fortunately, the lamb cake still tastes fabulous, despite its accidental beheading. Coconut fixes everything.

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Yankee Librarian said...

This made me laugh. Out loud.

Hope you had a great birthday!