Thursday, April 15, 2010

Police blotter.

Sunday, 10:08 A.M.: Report of mailbox & Evergreen Shopper box damaged by smelt put in them.

Sunday, 2:22 P.M.: Request to talk to patient at hospital who got angry when doctor wouldn't fill a prescription and later called the hospital and swore at nurse about the doctor.

Tuesday, 8:16 A.M.: 85-year-old woman called and reported she had a skunk in a live trap and needed help disposing of it; was referred to DNR.

Thursday, 11:09 A.M.: Suspicious activity; report of someone being in the house, removed something from the bathroom, and then placed it in their mailbox.

Thursday, 11:50 P.M.: Accident, turkey vs. truck, reportable damage to the hood.

Friday, 12:26 P.M.: Report of old refrigerator on side of road - subject worried about kids getting into same.

Saturday, 9:56 A.M.: Report of a beaver in yard causing a disturbance. Update: Subject advised to let beaver leave area on its own accord. Beaver was later reported back in lake.

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