Thursday, March 25, 2010

Police blotter.

Saturday, 4:33 A.M.:
Report of naked and highly-intoxicated male in parking lot of the high-rise.

Saturday, 4:19 P.M.: Caller reported two vehicles in front of her house each with 3 teens, appear to have rifles with scopes. Update: Officer determined the kids were filming something for school and the guns were squirt guns.

Saturday, 4:55 P.M.: Report of two small children tossing a glove at cars.

Tuesday, 3:37 P.M.: Suspicious activity: report of a man sitting in a ditch in Washburn drinking what looks like beer.

Tuesday, 5:30 P.M.: Report of a fire in Washburn. Update: No fire, just burnt pizza.

Friday, 12:51 P.M.: Report of notice of lottery win received by mail along with $100,000 check - a possible scam.

Friday, 8:57 P.M.: Report of woman feeling harassed by female known to her over both having a garage sale on the same day.


nicka29 said...

I don't know if this was in the police report, but it was in a main story. I found it amusing that the people who broke into 6th St Market stole booze, cigarettes, and a pork tenderloin.

Mary said...

Oh, yeah! They crashed their car out here on 137, across from your parents' house--I drove by the next morning, and there were a bunch of mailboxes in the ditch.

As I remarked to my mother the day it made it into the Daily Press: is there anything more redneck to shoplift than booze, cigarettes & cuts of meat? Seriously. Who steals meat??